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Berkeley as “One Community”

Berkeley is a wonderful place to live and learn, which is why thousands of students live within a mile of Campus, an area shared by senior citizens, families with children, and working single adults.

“One Community” was a project resulting from the Chancellor's initiative to enhance the quality of life and safety here. Guidelines for responsibly moving in and out of residences, communicating with neighbors, hosting parties and serving alcohol can be found at the One Community website at

Community Services Bureau, City of Berkeley Police Department

The City of Berkeley Police Department (BPD), through its Community Services Bureau, works to address the concerns of Berkeley residents and merchants through the principles of community-involved policing. BPD encourages citizen communication about issues in its beats, while volunteer and neighborhood watch programs allow participation and strengthen the level of patrol and safety in the area.

Visit The City of Berkeley's website and search for “community services bureau” or “crime prevention” to learn more.

Safety note:
In case of an EMERGENCY in the City of Berkeley, the best number to dial from a cell phone is 510/981-5911. It will connect you directly to Berkeley Police Department dispatch.

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