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Alcohol and Drugs

TThe University is concerned about the impact of alcohol and other drugs on the health and safety of all members of the campus community. Through the use of new, evidence-based strategies the campus aims to reduce the negative consequences of unsafe and illegal alcohol and drug use.
Although often viewed as a “social lubricant,” alcohol, if misused, can endanger your well-being, and have serious legal, health, and academic consequences. Use of alcohol can increase the risk of accidents, physical injury, or sexual assault. It can also cause social relations to quickly deteriorate, or exacerbate or induce psychological and behavioral problems.
Follow these guidelines
UCPD hopes all community members stay safe and act responsibly if they do choose to drink.
Remember, the legal drinking age is 21. Underage drinking puts you at risk for criminal and administrative sanctions.
* Set your own alcohol limit and stick to it. Pace your drinking.
* Designate a non­drinker in your group. This person can watch out for potential problems, including excessive drinking.
* Don’t leave your group of friends, and don’t put yourself at risk by leaving with a new acquaintance.
* Monitor your drink at all times. Do not drink punch or other drinks that you did not see made. Discard your drink if it has been out of your sight.


If you are concerned about your behavior with alcohol or drugs, or that of someone close to you, you can get help or advice from UHS. Campus professionals care about trouble with alcohol within the community and can advise on first steps to confront a problem, provide or refer to counseling, direct to Twelve Step meetings in the area, or address other health concerns., search “alcohol “
Social Services
(510) 642-6074 (students)
CARE Services
(510) 643-7754 (faculty & staff)
Self-Care Resource Center
(510) 642-7202

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PartySafe@Cal is a program of University Health Services in collaboration with other campus and community organizations. The mission is to reduce harm associated with drinking in the campus area. Connect with PartySafe to learn how to best host a party that serves alcohol, what the rules and laws are (including Second Response citations and Social Host Ordinance), and what is at stake.
* 510-642-7202 or

See the Rules and Policies chapter, for where to find more information on University Alcohol Rules and Policies.

You may also refer to this reference page with clickable links leading to facts about potential consequences.

CSA Resources

Employees of UC Berkeley can log in to make reports using the CSA Report Form. Learn more at the CSA Resources Page