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This information is required by the Clery Act

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Click below to see tables showing offenses reported in the last 3 years. Statistics reflect reportable activity on campus property and in particular adjacent locations. UCPD reports for the Clery-required areas of Campus, Housing, Noncampus and Public, but UCPD also reports statistics for an inclusive area we call "The Box," the several urban blocks surrounding the main campus.

Campus Procedures for Responding to Sexual Assault sticky icon

>This section outlines the procedures the campus follows in responding to reports of sexual assault allegedly committed by students. It assumes that the incident occurred on or near campus (at an official University function or on University property). However, many of the procedures and services described here also apply if the incident happens off-campus or if the individual reporting the assault is not a student.

Safety Counts – Campus Annual Security Report sticky icon


Safety Counts is the UC Berkeley Annual Security Report. The purpose of the Clery Act is to provide students, families, and employees with accurate, complete, and timely information about campus safety so that they can make informed decisions. The University of California Police Department, Berkeley publishes this annual security report in compliance with the Clery Act, but also offers it as a resource guide, directing the reader to campus safety services and advising on crime prevention strategies.

UCDC Liquor, Drug and Weapons Offenses

The University of California, Washington Center (UCDC) is being reported as a branch campus of the Berkeley campus. Liquor and drug violation statistics shown here reflect the total number of individuals involved rather than the total number of incidents.

Public -- Liquor, Drug and Weapons Offenses

Liquor and drug violation statistics shown here reflect the total number of individuals involved rather than the total number of incidents. (Note: this list does not include public drunkenness and driving under the influence.)

UCDC Campus-- Liquor, Drug, and Weapons Offenses

Public -- Liquor, Drug, and Weapons Offenses

Publications & Website

UCPD keeps the community up-to-date on information about campus security and personal safety through a variety of publications, both web and print. Publications include this annual security report, campus maps, posters, crime alerts, and bulletins. Print flyers and brochures are available in UCPD’s lobby (1 Sproul Hall), at the UCPD table at many campus information events, and in other campus departments and libraries.


## Presentations
Each year, UC Police officers regularly make safety presentations at orientations for both students and staff. Both campus members and organizations can contact UCPD throughout the year to request a workshop or presentation.

The Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) gives presentations and workshops which focus on how to prevent theft or violence at home, at school, or on the job. Campus departments, student organizations, Greeks and co-ops should call CPU.

Noncampus Locations 2012

See the Noncampus Table of crime statistics for these locations.


2340 Piedmont Avenue


Alpha Chi Omega 2313 Warring Street Berkeley

Alpha Delta Phi

2422 Prospect Street


Sex Offender Registration (Megan’s Law)

State of California law requires sex offenders to register with the police in the jurisdiction in which they reside, and also that they specifically register with UCPD if they are employees, (including contractors) of the University, attend classes, frequent any area associated with the University, or live in University housing.

Members of the campus community may, by appointment with UCPD, view information gathered about campus-affiliated registered offenders if they

*Are a member of the UC Berkeley campus community
*Are at least 18 years of age

"The Box"

"The Box" is defined by UCPD as being several urban blocks around campus. Before 2004, UCPD defined the public area contiguous to campus to include several blocks surrounding the campus. The Clery Act has since refined its definition of contiguous public areas, and now requires that campuses report only crimes that occur on public sidewalks adjacent to university property, and on the street and the sidewalk across the street from campus buildings. The statistics we report as "Public" are in accordance with this Clery Act definition.

Housing -- Liquor, Drug or Weapons Offenses

Housing -- Liquor, Drug, and Weapons Offenses
Arrests Disciplinary Action

Campus -- Liquor, Drug and Weapons Offenses

See more about Liquor and Drug Violations shown here at the Clery Requirements page.

Campus--Liquor, Drug or Weapons Offenses


See the Reporting Areas Map.

Public property: All public property including thoroughfares, streets, sidewalks, and parking facilities that are within the campus, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.

For statistics for the several urban blocks surrounding campus, see the table for "The Box."

Public (Public property around the campus)


See the Reporting Areas Map.

See the list of Noncampus Locations at which these reported incidents occurred.

Noncampus (Includes fraternities, sororities, co-ops, University Village Albany, Office of the President and Extension)


Housing: Residence halls or other University-owned residences. These statistics are a subset of Campus property statistics. We also report Housing Theft, including Bike Theft.

See the Reporting Areas Map.

Housing (included in Campus)

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