University of California, Berkeley offers this campus annual security report, showing crime statistics as required by the Clery Act. This site also gives in-depth safety information and guidelines for the UC Berkeley campus. Read it like a book, going to the next page linked from the bottom right.

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Click below to see tables showing offenses reported in the last 3 years. Statistics reflect reportable activity on campus property and in particular adjacent locations. UCPD reports for the Clery-required areas of Campus, Housing, Noncampus and Public, but UCPD also reports statistics for an inclusive area we call "The Box," the several urban blocks surrounding the main campus.

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Public Law 110-315 states that all Title IV eligible institutions participating in any Title IV program and that maintain on-campus student housing facilities must publish an Annual Fire Safety Report, maintain a fire log, and report fire statistics to the Secretary of Educa- tion. A printed copy can be obtained by contacting EH&S at (510) 642-5995 or can be downloaded at

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Safety Counts is the UC Berkeley Annual Security Report. The purpose of the Clery Act is to provide students, families, and employees with accurate, complete, and timely information about campus safety so that they can make informed decisions. The University of California Police Department, Berkeley publishes this annual security report in compliance with the Clery Act, but also offers it as a resource guide, directing the reader to campus safety services and advising on crime prevention strategies.

What to do for personal safety

Following these valuable safety guidelines will greatly increase your personal level of safety and can help protect personal and campus property. The campus and its environs are not immune to crime, but your awareness can help to reduce the incidence of crime.

What to do in an emergency

Read this section for an overview on ways to Prepare, Protect & Respond to an emergency, such as an earthquake or active shooter incident. For extensive information on emergency preparedness, go to the campus’s Office of Emergency Management website.

This is Bear Territory

UCPD works closely with members of the community, other University departments, and local law enforcement agencies to prevent crime through its integrated community-involved policing. Your awareness of safety issues on campus, and your proactive efforts to keep yourself and others safe, can make a difference. Here you will learn about the campuswide agency coordination that goes toward keeping the campus safe.

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Theft Prevention Tips

This is Bear Territory. Your effort to keep the campus safe will make a difference. You can keep an eye out for suspicious persons, and generally keep things locked up and out of sight. Learn more UCPD tips on the Theft Prevention in Campus Buildings page.

See it. Text it.

Report concerns to UCPD and stay anonymous.

Send a text to or to 510/664-8477 (4-TIPS from campus phone).

Learn more on the CalTIP Page or visit UCPD's main site, at